Liquid Latex for Halloween Zombie Vampire & Witch Scars - 29.5ml from Henbrandt

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Turn yourself into the axe wielding zombie-fied vampire that you always wanted to be this Halloween!! This Liquid latex from Henbrandt is a highly versatile make-up material perfect for creating temporary fake scars and horror wounds to scare your friends. There are two main types of scars you can create, raised scars and indented scars. Both are caused by a wound that has not properly healed, forming scar tissue. Liquid latex scars can be created in whatever styles you can imagine and there are no limits to the number and styles you can achieve. Guidelines for wound / scar creation: 1 Test a small patch of skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction. If you experience any discomfort or a rash appears you most likely have a latex intolerance and should discontinue using it. Most people are not sensitive to latex and should be OK but a small percentage of people have reported adverse reactions so it's always advisable to check first to be on the safe side. 2 Paint some latex onto your skin. 3 Allow the latex to dry. 4 Pinch the skin together, allowing the latex to stick to itself and form a scar. 5 Powder the scar. 6 Add fake blood and makeup to the desired gory effect 7 Amaze your friends!!

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