Weird and Wonderful Spa Treatments #3

The Golden Touch

Familiar with the James Bond Movie “Goldfinger”? Shirley Eaton suffers a fairly unfortunate death at the hands of yet another evil Bond villain. His weapon of choice; liquid gold body paint. Coating her entire body in paint quite literally stopped her skin from breathing. “Epidermal suffocation”, to be technical. Rest assured, if you undergo this Palm Beach treatment, you are guaranteed to leave the beauticians table alive – lawsuit culture probably accounts for that.

Golden Spa Weird and Wonderful Spa Treatments #3 Although the price for this is undisclosed, the properties of the 24 carat gold leaf is marketed as a way to rejuvenate your skin and make it appear younger. We don’t blame you for being intrigued, but we do recommend that if you’re fortunate to find yourself on the treatment table at the California-based clinic, you do your research first – Gold allergies being an obvious barrier.

Also, be sure to check out whether the Gold leaf is pure; you don’t want any unwanted, unmentioned additives providing a barrier to your quest for beauty!

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