How to Apply Self-Tan to Your Face

Now I know that we may not see the sun again for another few years, but this weekend’s nice weather is not an excuse to throw your Skin Belief System to the wind!  By all means, whatever sunbathing spot you can hunt out I wholeheartedly encourage you to set up camp in it for the entire weekend, but remember to keep your skin protected (these sunscreens will certainly do the trick!) and if possible, keep your face out of the sun if you want to avoid looking like a dried up old fig long before your body originally intended.

Obviously there’s nothing more distressing than a mismatched head and torso, so to avoid this (rather funny) faux pas, why not try applying fake tan to your face to even out your colour and avoid a future facial replica of the Grand Canyon?  It’s always a little nerve-wracking applying self-tan to your face as it’s a part of you that’s a pretty exposed, but follow these steps and you shouldn’t end up looking like David Dickinson.

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Thoroughly exfoliate your face and neck the night before you plan on self-tanning your face.  This will remove all the dead skin cells which are the reason you’re left with an uneven tan, the exfoliation process will leave you with a lovely smooth surface to work with.  It’s best to do this the night before as your skin is a little sensitive after exfoliation so you don’t want to rush into applying any harsh products.  Apply a light moisturiser and get a good night’s sleep!

In the morning wash and dry your face to remove any nasties that may have built up over night, also make sure that you allow your face to properly dry as water particles may hinder the self-tan’s ability to develop.

If you’re using a moose or lotion self-tan, apply a small amount in the same manner you would your moisturiser.  Avoid the eye area and start from the inside of your face blending outwards.  Make sure that the tan has absorbed evenly across your face to avoid patches.

If you’re planning on using a spray self-tanner, thoroughly shake the can to make sure the liquid solution is properly mixed up, then spray circularly and apply to one side of your face and then the other.  For a deeper tan you can repeat this process, but be careful not to overdo it!

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