There’s a silent understanding between all Nailies (lovers of great nails!) that OPI is the crème de la crème of salon quality nail varnish.  Founded in 1981 the company has become a household name…well, if you live in a house full of girls!  But I bet you didn’t know that OPI originally began as a manufacturer of artificial dental appliances!  You can see how they made the leap into the nail industry, can’t you?!  Well, actually it’s quite simple, the acrylic which they used to make the dental ware was already in use by companies producing acrylic nails which gave OPI entrepreneur founder, George Schaeffer a brainwave!

George Schaeffer 2 OMG OPI!

Using the acrylic from the dental appliances in the OPI nail varnish formula led to what has become some of the most durable nail products on the market and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the populace!  Not only is the quality of OPI unrivaled, their ever expanding collection of shades has become recognised as a signal for which nail polish colour will be hot the coming season.  So always keep an eye on OPI!

images 123x300 OMG OPI!

We’re very excited to have a fab collection of OPI nail varnish for just £5.99 on the Xtras website at the moment, with new shades arriving at Xtras HQ all the time.  If you snooze, you lose though, they’re flying off the shelves so pick yours up today!

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