Met Ball Edition: Punk Makeup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week you will have noticed that Monday night saw the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibition in New York City.  Hosted by Vogue magazine, which is to fashion what the Vatican is to Catholicism, the Met Ball is a style playground for the biggest celebs, socialites…and Kim Kardashian.  Since Kimye have become a ‘thing’ we can only assume Anna Wintour has had to grudgingly drop the fash-wa and allow Kanye’s rose-clad baby incubator to attend.

Each year the ball has a different theme (gotta keep things fresh, ya’ll), with the invitations this year specifying ‘Punk: From Chaos to Couture‘.  While most of the image conscious celebrities chose to focus rather more on the ‘couture’ end of things, a couple of the braver attendees really got their teeth stuck into the anarchic theme.  No points for guessing which outlandish celebs actually dared to punk up for the occasion…

Madonna Met Gala1 191x300 Met Ball Edition: Punk Makeup

SJP Met Ball2 174x300 Met Ball Edition: Punk Makeup

While a disappointingly large proportion of the guests opted for eagerly awaited (yet ultimately expected) dresses, we were pleased to see the Met Gala at least acknowledging punk subculture, if only for a night!  We may not all fancy throwing on tartan mini skirts, mohawk-ing our hair and whipping out the fishnet gloves (which, incidentally, we have a great collection of right here) but all girls need a little bit of punk in their lives. At it’s core the movement embraces individuality, brave style and an anarchic attitude and ain’t nothing wrong with that in our opinion!  It may be a bit unrealistic to to take this all on at once and we’re not expecting you to start channeling Sid Vicious overnight, but if your inner-punk has suddenly sat up/started headbanging then perhaps our punk makeup tips are a good place to start.

Punk make up is a statement in itself, think bold colours, sharp shapes and exaggerated Cupid’s bows.  There’s nothing natural and subtle about punk makeup, but that’s precisely the point. The ‘punk girl’ is a brave vanguard and her makeup lets you know it!

untitled1 Met Ball Edition: Punk Makeup

Ignore the less is more rule, heavily apply a vibrant blusher high up on your cheek bones combined with bold eyes and lips!  Bowie up your eyes with thick, jagged cat eyes using brightly colour eyeliner and unearth the lipstick brush for an ultra-defined Cupid’s Bow (the half-heart shape at the top of your lips!).  Give multi-coloured eyes a whirl, you’ll need good eye make up brushes for this though, you won’t be able to experiment with you bog standard sponge tip applicator!  For those dedicated to the cause give a bright lipstick a whirl, try a yellow or bright orange for full-on punk power.

This is certainly the look we’re going to be working this weekend, are any of you brave enough?

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