How to Choose the Right Shade of Blusher

Blusher always adds the perfect finishing touch to your make-up, slimming down your face and making you look fresh and healthy even if you feel anything but!  Picking the right shade of blusher isn’t quite as easy as it sounds though.  If, like me, you’ve often just grabbed the blush that you liked the look of rather than really choosing a blusher that suits your skin tone, give these simple tips to picking the best shade of blush a read.

How to choose the right blusher for your skin tone

Pale Skinned Princesses: A light complexion with cool undertones really suits a pinky-violet shade, while warm undertones are perfectly complimented by peaches and soft apricot shades.

Medium Skinned Minxes: Rosy pinks and ambers are designed for mid skin with a warm undertone (yellow, olive or pink tints to the complexion) just as corals and creamy roses with a hint of brown really set off a cool medium skin tone.

Dark Skinned Dolls: Dark skin with a cool undertone looks stunning with plum or grape shades of blusher, alternatively brights like a tangerine can look really striking.  For dark skinned girls with a warm undertone rich corals and bright pinks really work.

The right blusher really can set off your whole look, making you look utterly radiant.  Now that you know how easy it is to choose the right shade don’t make a hasty decision and pick the first one that you like the look of, really take your skin tone into account.

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