Glamourize Guide: Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows have become eye-ssential over the past year (it’s those Desperate Scousewives, I tell you!) but there’s one big, big problem.  Or not so big, rather really little.  Most of us have been tweezing minimalist arches since before we even learned how to walk, leaving us with wispy little excuses for eyebrows.  If you want to change your bad brow habits or simply make the most of what you’ve got then try out these tricks.

Decide what look you’d like to go for.  Are you after a full on devil-may-care Cara Delevigne brow or admiring a more subtle, sculptured arch like Megan Fox?

carade 238x300 Glamourize Guide: Perfect Eyebrows

meganfoxbrows 213x300 Glamourize Guide: Perfect Eyebrows

Cara’s eyebrows may look great on her, but they’re not for everyone.  Figure out what will work for you, eyebrows which are ill-suited to your face, such as being too heavy or too dark, can really age you (too many 15-year-old ‘middle aged women’ are wandering the streets, it’s an epidemic!) while they can also distort your own natural emotions, leaving you looking like somebody’s just insulted your mum when in fact you’re about to hit the town with the girls!

Those stray hairs still need tweezing, but why not try a quick trim as well?  Pick up some safety scissors to get rid of hairs that are a little too long or growing in crazy directions, brows always look much neater when the hairs are all the same length!

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in those patchy spots or a small area which you feel needs a little extra help in the shape department.  A handy hint is to warm up the pencil between your hands before you use it, this way the kohl is softer and applies more naturally, avoiding the scratchy look you often find with eyebrow pencils.

Eyebrow powders also work a charm to add dimension and depth, mimicking the natural texture of your eyebrows.  Make sure to choose a powder with a matte finish, shimmery brows a big no-no!

Last, but not least, practice!  It will take a while to figure out how to get perfect eyebrows, it doesn’t just come over night or with the first try.  Give a few different looks a go, the fabulous thing about designing your eyebrows yourself is that you can always change them!  Don’t leave it upto nature, brow-se our collection of eyebrow pencils and powders and you’ll be one step closer to the brows you’ve always coveted!

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